Class of 2028, Meet Your OIS Counselors!

Head Counselors

Mina Aral's picture

Mina Aral, BK '26, Turkey

Hello everyone! My name is Mina, and I’m from Istanbul, Turkey. I’m a rising sophomore in Berkeley. I did Directed Studies (DS) last year, and I’d be happy to share my own experience if you have any questions about the program. Although I had no clue about programming before I came to college, I plan on majoring in Computer Science – at least for now, as I’m a very undecisive person.

I love art, painting, films, and books. You can find me wandering around campus and appreciating the beautiful architecture any time of the day, especially during sunset. On campus, I am involved in STC (Student Tech Collaborative) and ISO (International Students’ Organization). I also work as an aide for Berkeley College, so you can also see me working in the Berkeley Office or Buttery. Please feel free to reach out, I’d be happy to chat about anything!

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Mike Masamvu, MC '26, Zimbabwe

Good people!!

My name is Mike Masamvu, and l am a rising sophomore in Morse College. I was born and bred in Zimbabwe, but l attended my high school in South Africa. At Yale, l hope to Double Major in Computer Science and Economics because of my passion for tech, finance, and entrepreneurship. I do entrepreneurial research work with the Yale School of Management, and l am part of the Yale African Students Association. During my free time, l love playing tennis, kicking the ball at the soccer fields, or chatting with friends. I also love traveling and seeing the world because l never got to do much of that when l was a kid. Last spring break, l visited four European countries, and hopefully, l can get to do more of that over the summer! Feel free to say hi when you see me or reach out if you want to chat about anything (cause l am surprisingly very good at chatting about anything even when l don't know anything, lol). I can't wait to welcome y'all on campus in the fall!

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Agnes Sjoeblad, BF '26, Sweden

Hello everyone,

My name is Agnes and I am a rising sophomore from Lund, Sweden who came to Yale after two years at UWC Red Cross Nordic in Norway and a very inspiring gap semester in France!

At Yale I am a proud Branford-resident and a prospective Environmental Studies (and / or) Humanities Major, who has spent most of her first year doing Directed Studies. During the day you can usually find me in the Law School Library (natural light!) or power-walking between the Humanities Quadrangle and the Branford courtyard. In my spare time, I like running, reading and drinking coffee while having philosophical conversations—at varying levels of seriousness—with my friends. At campus I am among other things part of the a cappella group Pitches & Tones and a diligent Scandinavian Society Officer.

I am super-excited to welcome all of you to campus in just a few months: until then, enjoy the rest of your spring and summer!


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Irmak Akdogan, SY '27, Turkey

Hello everyone! My name is Irmak (any pronouns), I'm a rising sophomore in Saybrook college. I’m a prospective Physics major with a great interest in Linguistics (will it turn into a second major? Stay tuned!). If you have any questions about the STEM side of Yale or the Linguistics department, I’m your guy. I looove crocheting, drawing, playing card games, the color yellow, cats, and math. Outside class I’m involved with ISO (International Student Organization) and Amoriem Labs (Game Development Studio). I work as a tutor for the Turkish language program and I conduct research on globular clusters with Prof. Bellinger. You can usually find me whining at the depths of Bass Library or hanging out with my friends at the Saybrook dining hall. I’m really excited to get to know you and have a lot of fun together at OIS!

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Kenny Cheng, MY '27, China and Singapore

Welcome to Yale! My name is Kenny and I am a rising sophomore ('27) in Pauli Murray College planning to do a BS/MS in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology. I am a Chinese citizen that grew up in Singapore and went to boarding school in England for 7 years. Outside of the classroom, I carry out RNA research in the Breaker lab and work as an Editorial Associate at the Yale School of Medicine and Medicine Magazine. I'm also a member of Club Swimming and love staying active, especially with music pumping in the background. OIS Camp Yale was one of my favourite experiences at Yale during my first-year and I can't wait to meet you all!

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Juliano Dantas Portela, TD '27, Brazil

Hey everyone! I'm Juliano Portela, a rising sophomore in Timothy Dwight College from Manaus, Brazil, majoring in Computer Science & Linguistics!

To tell you a little about myself, I love learning new languages (make sure to teach me some phrases in your language), playing Brazilian music, reading poetry, coding, and traveling!

At Yale, I’m a researcher in the Linguistics Department, work at the Student Technology Collaborative, am the president of the council of the Brazil Club at Yale, and the president of the Yale Brazilian Music Collective.

Yale is undescribable. The people you meet, the things you experience and everything else are something that you wouldn't find anywhere else. One of my favorite parts of coming here was getting involved in the international community, so I hope that this year I can help spread our beautiful “internationality” even more across Yale!

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Wineth De Zoysa, SM '26, Sri Lanka

Hi Everyone!! My name is Wineth (he/him/his) and I'm from Colombo, Sri Lanka, but my family lives in Yokohama, Japan! I am a rising junior in Silliman College, and am planning on majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Ethnicity, Race & Migration. At Yale, I am involved in SLAY (Sri Lankans at Yale!), the International Students Organisation, Yale Queer+Asian, MedSci at Yale and the South Asian Youth Initiative (SAYI). I also work at the OISS Office and will be a Peer Liaison for the Asian American Cultural Center. I love exploring New Haven's ever-growing selection of restaurants, reading, listening to music (my taste is kinda all over the place), drinking coffee (Jitterbus!!) and when I'm not lazy, going to East Rock. My favourite spots on campus include Cross Campus on a sunny day, Tsai CITY and the Good Life Center. OIS was an incredibly formative experience for me these past 2 years, and I hope that you will feel the same way post-Camp Yale!

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Beata Fylkner, BK '26, Sweden

Hi everyone! I'm Beata (although most people call me Bea); a rising junior from Stockholm, Sweden, living in Berkeley College and studying Political Science and Global Affairs. I am interested in comparative politics and political philosophy, with a focus on all things related to democracy, and am involved in the Yale Institution for Social Policy Studies' research program on Democratic Innovations. Outside of class, I spend most of my time dancing with the Yale Modern Dance Company, cooking/serving/eating with Yale Pop-Up, working as a college aide, and sharing anecdotes with my friends, but believe me when I tell you I am ready and excited to chat about WHATEVER you may have on your mind. So excited to welcome you to this special place!!!

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Matias Guevara Ruales, JE '26, Ecuador

Hi everyone!

My name is Matías (he/him) and I'm from Ecuador. As a counselor in OIS the main thing you should know about me is that I'll literally talk to you about anything so if you have something on you mind don't hesitate to bring it up. That goes for everything from questions about life at Yale and academic interests to stuff about your background, social life, or like opinions on movies. Even with more personal things, I'm always down to talk.

Other stuff about me... My interests are very much in the humanities (although I started out as an EP&E major), particularly in literature and film. I did do Directed Studied as a first-year, which is a rewarding struggle we can talk about. On campus, my main extracurricular is the Spring Fling committee, which plans the coolest and biggest concert of of the yeaaar + some other fun musical events here and there. Other than that I go on walks, read (mostly for classes) and take time for myself—really don't stress about doing too many clubs your first year. In terms of music I love Rosalia, Sofi Tukker, Frank Ocean, Sam Smith, Lorde, and recently Elvis. Ok I'll wrap up.

I'm so excited to meet you all, I know you will love OIS and meet a lot of your support network like so many of my friends and I did when we were participants. Really use your counselors as resources, we all have a year or more of Yale experience which is so valuable as a first-year, and we all want to help you! See you soon.

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Hiroko Kawase, TC '26, Hong Kong and Japan and The United Kingdom

Hey Everyone!
My name is Hiroko and I am a rising junior in Trumbull College! I am from Japan but spent nine years (including high school) in Hong Kong before moving to London two summers ago!

I am currently a cognitive science major with a certificate in education studies and chinese! On campus, I am involved in a lot of Education related volunteering and research as well as a tour guide on Campus. I also love debating with the YDA (Yale Debate Association). In my free time, I enjoy exploring New Haven's restaurants, hanging out with friends on cross campus, and trying to convert my American friends to use celsius :) I came to college both excited and nervous but OIS was such a warm and welcoming community so I couldn’t be more excited to be back as a counsellor!

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Tetsu Kurumisawa, BF '25, Japan

Hi all! I'm Tetsu, a rising junior in Branford, originally from Tokyo, Japan, and majoring in cognitive science.
A little bit about myself: I'm a huge football (or as some here call it, soccer) fan, musical enthusiast, and amateur poker player. Outside of class, I'm involved in musicals, acapella, intramural sports, and the Japanese American Students Union. Come talk to me about anything from cogsci to sports, or just how jet lagged you are. Can't wait to see all of you!! Get excitedddddd :))

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Crystal Liu, PC '26, China

Hi everyone! I am Crystal (she/her) from Shanghai, China. I am returning from a gap year to start my junior year. I am an MCDB major and a proud Piersonite. I also take classes in linguistics, psychology, and French. Outside classes and lab, you can find me involved with CUSY (Chinese Undergraduate Students at Yale), Vermilion Theater, Club Jump Rope, and intramural volleyball. During my free time, I make boba runs, listen to Mandopop and Cantopop, and watch TV in my room. During my gap year, I explored career options, my personality, and the world (mainly Asia tbh). Come chat with me about anything between lab selection, human nature, and traveling and concerts!

I can't wait to welcome all of you in a few months!

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Zeyna Malik, JE '27, The United Kingdom

Hi everyone! My name is Zeyna and I’m a rising sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College planning to double major in Economics and Humanities.

I’m from London but am originally Pakistani. At Yale, I’ve spent most of my first year in Directed Studies and would be happy to answer any questions about my DS experience. On campus, I’m involved with YPAK (Yalies for Pakistan) and work as a tour guide at the Yale Center for British Art.

I did OIS last summer and met a bunch of my closest friends at Yale through the program so am super excited to be back this summer as a counselor!

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AJ Nakash, TD '26, Jamaica

Hi, I’m AJ, I’m a rising Junior in TD and I’m from Kingston, Jamaica. I’m pursuing an Econ major with a Stats certificate, but I always try to find random fun classes to sprinkle into my schedule so it doesn’t get too boring.
Some of my greatest hits include: History of Food, Material Cultures of the Early Modern Mediterranean, Furniture and American Life, Electronic Dance Music, and Digital Photography.
Outside of the classroom, I’m constantly finding random ways to create: most recently laser cutting a 5 foot 8 replica of my residential college’s clock tower, entirely out of mirrored acrylic (mirrored acrylic selfie from a separate laser cutting project attached).
Feel free to reach out with any questions you have, or if you need any help finding classes to take or just random ways to fill your time!

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Lucas Ogawa, BF '27, Hong Kong and Japan

Hey everyone!

My name is Lucas Ogawa and I'm a rising sophomore in Benjamin Franklin College. I was born in Tokyo but mainly grew up in Hong Kong. For now, I'm planning on majoring in CS + Econ but I am also considering other majors like Stats & Data Science and Global Affairs.

On campus, I'm involved in Club Soccer, JASU (Japanese American Students Union), HKSA (Hong Kong Students Association) and the ISO (International Students Organization). Next year, I'll also be a Peer Liaison for the AACC (Asian American Cultural Center) and might try my hand at some research. In my free time, I also like to play intramural sports, play the guitar, (occasionally) go on morning runs and hang out in Yale's buttery and common rooms with my friends. I'm always down to chat about anything and I'm really excited to meet everyone soon :)

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Ali Otuzoglu, SM '27, Turkey

Hello fellow internationals! My name is Ali Otuzoglu, and I am a rising sophomore in Silliman College studying economics and cognitive science.

I did the intense first-year humanities program Directed Studies, and am planning to become a Yale Journalism Scholar. I am also a ceramic sculptor, but also enjoy gouache and mixed-media (@artbyaliotuzoglu on Instagram). Over the summer, I’m planning to organize an educational equity project called Anatolian Classroom in earthquake-stricken regions of Turkey. On campus, I’m a writer and Instagram editor for the Yale Daily News, first-year liaison for the International Students Organization, singer and Business Manager for the a cappella group Pitches and Tones, member of the consulting club Urban Philanthropic Fund, and speaker events director of the Salus Populi Foundation. I’ve been playing piano for 13 years.

Please do not hesitate to email me for questions or introductions!

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Hannah Qin, TC '26, Canada

Hey everyone!

My name is Hannah (she/her), and I'm a rising junior in Trumbull. My family is from China, but I was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. I’m pre-med and doing a double major in E&EB and HSHM with a certificate in French. On campus, I volunteer with HAVEN Free Clinic, am a part of the Ski team, and conduct research at the medical school. Two of my go-to snacks from the Elm are the cucumber ice cream (weird, but surprisingly good) and the matcha chia seed pudding. I also love oil painting, and one of my favorite study spots is the Haas Arts Library!

I can’t wait to introduce you to our amazing international community. OIS has been one of my most formative experiences at Yale, and I hope it will be memorable for you too. See you all soon!

Proud Ua-arak's picture

Proud Ua-arak, SM '27, Thailand

Hi everyone - a huge congratulations to you all and welcome to Yale! My name is Proud Ua-arak, a rising sophomore from Bangkok, Thailand pursuing a biomedical engineering degree and a certificate in Chinese. Outside of classes, I design human-robot communication systems in Professor Scassellati’s social robotics lab, write for the Yale Scientific Magazine, teach a healthcare entrepreneurship masterclass, play basketball at the Silligym, and hunt for New Haven culinary delights with friends, among other things!

If you ask any Yalie what their favorite thing about Yale is, “community” is a word you won’t fail to hear, but you’ll soon understand why. The people I met at OIS last year instantly became a loving home away from home for me when I first arrived, which is so valuable for us internationals who are not only adjusting to university life, but also life in a completely new country. We’re all so excited to meet you all in the fall and welcome you into this vibrant community with open arms!

Jingqi Yang's picture

Jingqi Yang, GH '26, China

Hello everyone! My name is Jingqi Yang (she/they), and I’m a rising junior in Grace Hopper College from Beijing, China!

I’m majoring in Molecular Biophysics & Biochemistry (MB&B) at Yale. Besides being a biochem nerd, I’m also interested in cognitive science, disability studies, and language learning. Last summer, I studied abroad in Siena, Italy for two months and began studying Italian, which I continue to this day. Outside of academics, I’m involved with Chinese Undergraduate Students at Yale (CUSY), our club for Chinese international students. I am also conducting research on fruit flies at the Carlson Lab, where I will be spending the majority of my summer this year before OIS starts!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about classes, study abroad, research, or anything else! I’m so excited to meet you all this summer!

Nicholas Yee's picture

Nicholas Yee, BK '27, Hong Kong and United States of America

Hi! I'm Nick, a rising sophomore in Berkeley College! I spent my entire life in Hong Kong, but my family also has roots in Boston, MA where I moved a couple of months ago!

I am currently a History and Global Affairs major, seeking a certificate in Japanese! On campus, I play for the Yale Men's Club Volleyball Team (go Bulldogs!), am involved in the Chinese American Student Association (CASA) and the Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA), and also conduct research for the Yale Policy Institute (Hate Crime Prevention/Restorative Justice).

In my free time, I enjoy learning the guitar, taking photos, and talking about why Hong Kong is the greatest place in the world :) OIS was really helpful for me as I was able to build close relationships with my counselors, who have become important friends and mentors throughout my first year at Yale. I couldn't be more excited to meet you all!