OIS 2020 

Dear Class of 2024,
We are excited to welcome you to Yale and New Haven. We have already started preparing for OIS 2020 with your OIS Counselors and started to think about the schedule. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, OIS 2020 will not be offered in person before the term starts; instead, it will be offered online before the term starts, with possible in-person events after classes start. 
More information about the program will be available by early July, when the university announces plans for the fall term. we will continue updating this website throughout the summer. In the meantime, you will find information about OIS 2019 in these pages. OIS 2020 will look different since it will be virtual and possibly spread out throughout the summer. but, fear not international class of 2024, we will use this challenge posed by the pandemic to tap into the endless creativity that yalies are known for, and imagine novel ways of creating our beloved international community through virtual ois.
we cannot wait to meet you all!

OIS (Orientation for International Students) provides the best possible transition to Yale for incoming freshmen and transfer students from all over the world. It is the perfect venue for getting to know your fellow international students as well as freshmen and others who are on campus for other pre-orientation programs. Organized and run by Yale College international students and Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS), this fun-filled program introduces you to Yale’s rich academic and cultural resources and includes social activities, opportunities to explore your new home town, and presentations on topics such as choosing your courses and intercontinental adjustment. Time is also scheduled to pick up necessities not brought from home, get a cell phone, and open a bank account. We also promise a little free time to get over your jet lag. Please come prepared to showcase your talents as well, at the fabulous OIS Talent Show!

OIS is also on Yale Connect and Facebook.

Check out the OIS 2019 Portal and OIS 2019 Facebook group.

Meet the Counselors

Find out more about these smart and fun OIS 2019 counselors!


If you have any questions please contact us.

Ann Kuhlman, Director, Office of International Students and Scholars

Ozan Say, Adviser, Office of International Students and Scholars