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OIS Program Highlights

All meals will be provided through Thursday's dinner.

Sunday, August 17

  • OIS Arrival and Registration

Monday, August 18

  • OIS Arrival and Registration
  • Trips to OISS, Banks and Cell Phones Stores
  • OIS Opening at 2:00pm
  • Campus Safety
  • Campus Tour, dinner, icebreakers... sleep

Tuesday, August 19

  • Dean's Welcome
  • Academics at Yale
  • Social Life at Yale
  • Banks and cell phones
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Dinner at New Haven restaurants


Wednesday, August 20

  • Move to Permanent Rooms
  • What I need to know about my F-1 visa
  • Intercontinental Transitions
  • Shopping trip to Target
  • The Epic OIS Showcase

Thursday, August 21

Friday, August 22 – Freshmen Orientation Begins


  • Money Matters:  Financial Aid and Working at Yale